Brass Metal Stamping Brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc, can be used to make an extensive range of various Metal Stamping and Deep Drawn Stampings .

Cold Stamping

Top 8 Metal spinning applications

Stamping process application Stamping can have a variety of industries, especially those involving three-dimensional design, lettering or other surface engraving features. This stamped product is usually home appliance manufacturer car company lighting industry Telecom service military and defense aerospace industry medical device manufacturer Electronic company production Metal stamping is a widely used process, from home…

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Fuel Pressure Regulator housing

Standard tolerances for stamped parts in 2022

Standard tolerances for stamped parts “GB/T13914-2002 Stamping Parts Dimensional Tolerance” specifies the dimensional tolerance of stamping parts. Dimensional tolerances are specified separately for flat stampings and formed stampings. The dimensional tolerance value of stamping parts is related to the two dimensions of stamping part size and plate thickness, and on the other hand, it is…

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