external protective shield

external protective shield 1. The external protective shield is a deep drawing part. It is a stainless steel sheet coil, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and cnc chamfer manufacturing process. 2. Application: Oxygen Sensor, protective shield 3. Stamping material: stainless steel 304 4. Surface finish: clean 5. Dimensions: Outer diameter 15, height 20. In addition, the dimensions can be customized according to your requirements. If you have similar parts, please contact me. (shawn@balford.net)

Status of automobile stamping parts industry

The auto parts industry provides corresponding parts products for the automobile manufacturing industry, including stamping products, injection components, etc., which are the basis for the development of the automobile industry and an important part of the automobile industry chain. With the development of world economic globalization and the improvement of the specialization level of the automobile industry, the position of the auto parts industry in the automobile industry is becoming more and more important. Auto stamping parts, are metal stamping parts that constitute auto parts. In automobile stamping parts, some of them become auto parts directly after stamping, and the other part needs to be processed by welding, machining, or…