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Deep drawing Examples:Applications based on deep drawing

There are so many things around us that we ignore, or take for granted. Most are small, seemingly unimportant details that we barely notice. We call them metal deep drawing, stretch forming, or stamping, and we only really notice them when they are damaged or discolored. If you look around with different eyes, you may start to notice small details. That pen you use most every day, a component of your car’s fuel delivery system, the insulin device that diabetics carry around are examples. You rarely pay attention to them, but the world would be completely different without them. In fact, all of these items are actually deep-drawn products of…

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Cold Stamping

Top 8 Metal spinning applications

Stamping process application Stamping can have a variety of industries, especially those involving three-dimensional design, lettering or other surface engraving features. This stamped product is usually home appliance manufacturer car company lighting industry Telecom service military and defense aerospace industry medical device manufacturer Electronic company production Metal stamping is a widely used process, from home appliances to automobiles. Specific products and components can range from simple stampings such as metal clips, springs, weights, washers and brackets, to more complex designs such as engine mounts or friction plates. This process is used for the production of parts for large machines as well as for the production of very fine small parts.…

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