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The processing of metal stamping parts

The processing of metal stamping parts refers to the processing method to obtain the overall dimensions and surface quality of the parts through the processing of stamping parts. It mainly includes: forming processing, milling processing, rolling processing, etc. Stamping processing has high precision, strict precision requirements and wide application range. It is applicable to the forming processing of mechanical parts with different degrees of lightweight needs. It is one of the important manufacturing methods of high-precision mechanical parts. The deformation of CNC stamping parts (dies) and ordinary stamping parts during milling and rolling process on precision machine tools and other processing equipment is usually called milling deformation. Due to its…

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What principles should be followed in the design of metal stamping parts The metal stamping parts industry is an industry involving a wide range of fields, and it penetrates into all aspects of the manufacturing industry. In foreign countries, metal stamping is called sheet metal forming, and it is also called this in my country. In the production process of metal stamping parts, it can be designed according to different needs, so what principles should the design of metal stamping parts follow? Next, balford will give you a detailed introduction. The principles to be followed in the design of metal stamping parts: 1. When designing, the designed stamping product must…

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Reduce the operation errors of metal stamping parts

The process flow of metal stamping parts refers to the process and steps from blank to finished product, called process route. The manufacturing process of metal stamping parts is to cut materials according to production needs. For example, for small hardware parts produced after opening, the punching machine can be used for Gong cutting CNC machining, which is a lot in the production of glasses parts and auto parts. Making a vessel is all about burning and welding after cutting the punch, spraying oil after sanding, and assembling the attachments to the boat. For many metal stamping parts, the polished surface is machined, plated and painted, followed by welding, screwing,…

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