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Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Processing Factory

Stainless steel stamping parts processing plant, with good corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance. If the stainless steel material is chemically reacted with acid, stainless steel can obtain very good corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is stainless acid-resistant steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements of different environments. 1. In water, water is the most basic salt, and stainless steel is stainless in water. When Na2SiO2 is contained in water, Na2SiO2 will form an oxide film, which will make stainless steel not easy to rust. Soaking in water for a month can reduce the corrosion resistance of steel. Corrosion resistance can be obtained by using stainless…

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What mold material is used for stainless steel stamping parts?

Balford manages the complete product cycle: research and development, product design, tool design and manufacturing, and assembly and sale of the completed products. This allows Balford to have a superior control of quality and cost. Balford produces 80 percent of all solenoid valve and bearing components itself. Balford has passed ISO9001 in 2017. We has over ten years experience on manufacturing motor, solenoid valve and bearing housing, focused on auto parts.Now Balford  enter into solenoid valves and bearings industry that are mainly based on difficult deep drawing process. For the forming of stainless steel stamping parts, the choice of mold material is crucial. Generally speaking, the performance of materials will…

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Stainless steel stamping parts processing customization

Stainless steel stamping parts processing customization With stamped, bent and drawn parts made of stainless steel, we offer you flexible solutions for demanding tasks. As a proven development partner in forming technology and metalworking, we are very familiar with the various types of stainless steel and know exactly which type we recommend for a specific application. Stamping parts, bending parts and drawing parts made of stainless steel have relatively higher requirements on molds than other ordinary metals. As a material, steel already has a series of favorable material properties. For stamped, bent and drawn parts made of stainless steel, these properties are more pronounced depending on the purity of the…

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