Figure 4 Punching and quick release mold structure


Design of Stamping Die for Extra Thick Stainless Steel Parts Figure 1 shows the parts formed by 304 stainless steel. The monthly output of a single piece is about 300 pieces, and the material thickness is 12.0 mm and 6.0 mm respectively. The dimensions of the part can be obtained by machining and stamping. After communicating with the customer, the length of the part is realized by cutting off the shearing plate. Due to the material and thickness of the plate, the two oblong holes are cut black or blue after laser cutting. , and there are small residues locally, which affects the post-processing of the parts and has potential…

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Armature Plate

9 Design Cores Of Stamping Die

1. Obtain the necessary information According to the relevant data, the co-construction stamping process is analyzed, and the workpiece is subject to process audit and standardization audit. 1) Obtain product parts drawings indicating specific technical requirements. Understand the shape, size and accuracy requirements of the workpiece. The dimensions (size and location) of critical holes, critical surfaces, analyze and determine the datum of the workpiece. In fact, the technological requirements of stamping parts are not absolute. Especially in the current rapid development of stamping technology, according to the actual needs and possibilities of production, comprehensive application of various stamping technologies, reasonable selection of stamping methods, correct stamping process formulation and die…

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Stamping process is a process method of metal forming. At the same time, it is also called one of the four major processes of automobile manufacturing together with welding, painting and final assembly. Therefore, without stamping, the car may still be the same as the previous banging and banging. The level of making 3 cars a month Oh~ Today, let’s learn the definitions of the 72 technical concepts of stamping with you, so that you can use them in your future work. stamping process Terminology 1. Workpiece The workpiece is a punched piece that has completed each process specified in the process document. 2. Process parts Process parts are blanks…

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Stamping die preventive maintenance

stamping die preventive maintenance Introduction to deep drawing process One: Concept Deep drawing: pressing the sheet into a hollow part (the wall thickness is basically unchanged) Deep drawing process: the material on the plane (flange) is transferred to the side wall of the cylinder (box), so the outer dimensions of the plane change greatly Drawing coefficient: the ratio of drawing diameter to blank diameter “m” (deformation degree from blank to workpiece) Two: the main factors affecting the drawing coefficient Mechanical properties of materials (yielding strength—-elastic deformation; tensile strength—-plastic deformation; elongation coefficient; section shrinkage rate) The relative thickness of the material (T/D<1 D is the diameter of the blank) Number of…

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