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Summary of stamping process and product design knowledge

Serving millions of engineers in the manufacturing industry 1 Process classification of stamping products 1. Basic process classification According to its deformation properties, the stamping process can be divided into two categories: material separation and forming. The separation process refers to the stamping process in which the blank is broken and separated after the stress of the deformed part reaches the tensile strength under the action of the stamping force, so as to obtain the workpiece of the required shape and size. The forming process refers to the stamping process in which the stress of the deformed part of the blank reaches the yield point under the action of the…

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Sheet Metal Stamping

Stamping Process and Stamping Die Terminology

Stamping process is a process method of metal forming. At the same time, it is also called one of the four major processes of automobile manufacturing together with welding, painting and final assembly. Therefore, without stamping, the car may still be the same as the previous banging and banging. The level of making 3 cars a month Oh~ Today, let’s learn the definitions of the 72 technical concepts of stamping with you, so that you can use them in your future work. stamping process Terminology 1. Workpiece The workpiece is a punched piece that has completed each process specified in the process document. 2. Process parts Process parts are blanks…

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