Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive die stamping processing company

what is progressive die stamping Progressive Die Stamping (Progressive Die Stamping/Continuous Die Stamping) Progressive die stamping uses separate stations for various stamping operations including bending, stamping and cutting. The blank is fed into the progressive die, moves to the next station after each punch, and is ejected at the other end. Each station in a…

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Cold stamping process features

Cold stamping process characteristics The cold stamping molds we usually come into contact with are mainly stamping materials of iron, steel, copper, stainless steel plate steel, etc. Different materials, different strengths, different precisions, different main uses and characteristics; Iron keys include: SECC; SPCC; SGCC; SPET (tinplate); SPHC; CRS, etc. The key steel materials are: S50C,…

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largest metal stamping companies in china

There are many classification methods for die stamping parts, which can be divided into ordinary materials, low-alloy high-strength structural steel (HRB400), stainless steel metal composite materials (HRC60) and low-alloy steel according to the material. According to the shape of stamping parts, it can be divided into sheet metal stamping parts and parts stamping parts. Stamping…

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The processing of metal stamping parts

The processing of metal stamping parts refers to the processing method to obtain the overall dimensions and surface quality of the parts through the processing of stamping parts. It mainly includes: forming processing, milling processing, rolling processing, etc. Stamping processing has high precision, strict precision requirements and wide application range. It is applicable to the…

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Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Processing Factory

Stainless steel stamping parts processing plant, with good corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance. If the stainless steel material is chemically reacted with acid, stainless steel can obtain very good corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is stainless acid-resistant steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements of different environments. 1. In water,…

Deep Draw Sheet Metal Parts

Deep draw stamping companies and manufacturers

Deep draw stamping companies&manufacturers Zhejiang Balford Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baifudu) was founded in 2016. It is a comprehensive metal stamping processing manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing, processing and trade. The company is located in Xin’an Town in the east of Deqing County, only 2 kilometers away from the exit of Xin’an Expressway,…

Metal Stamping

Meta stamping process in manufacturing

Metal stamping production process Metal stamping is the use of punches and molds to process stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metals to deform or break to obtain certain shapes and specifications. Metal stamping processing is simple in operation, high in production efficiency, and easy to complete mechanization. Automation is an indispensable key production…

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Manufacturers of high-precision stamping parts

Manufacturers of high-precision stamping parts are manufacturers of high-precision stamping parts (that is, mold bases). According to the different high-precision stamping parts produced, the functions of the mold base are refined to realize the diversification of the functions of the mold base. Then design different stamping parts molds according to different types of mold bases.…

Metal Stamping Keychain Blanks Manufacturer

Metal stamping keychain blanks Manufacturer

Figure 8 Ring Metal Parts Stamping Parts Manufacturer Stamping parts are various mold parts used to punch various pressures. Usually used in manufacturing, its shape and material determine the overall performance of the stamping part. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right material and the right mold. Usually stamping materials are carbon steel,…