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How to Custom aluminum part manufacturing

Commonly used arc bending processing methods for aluminum profiles, and the bending methods vary with different equipment. There are also many methods of arc bending of aluminum profiles, including combined machining, roll machining, bending and forging, and stamping, and more commonly, metal pressing. The current development of the aluminum profile bending arc processing industry has…

Sensor End Cup

Precision Metal stamping companies near me

What are the Precision Metal stamping companies near me? Balford has passed ISO9001 in 2017. We has over ten years experience on manufacturing motor housing, solenoid valve housing and sensor housing, focused on auto parts.Now Balford enter into solenoid valve housings and sensor housings industry that are mainly based on difficult deep drawing process. Precision Metal stamping companies Address Xiaoshengqiao,…


Analysis of sheet metal deep drawing technology

1. Mechanical analysis of deep drawing The formability of deep drawing can be understood by analyzing the mechanics of cylindrical container forming (cylindrical stamping). The components of cylinder stamping are: round steel plate (blank), punch, die, and anti-wrinkle plate. Cylindrical forming is a processing method in which a material is changed from a blank to…

Abs wheel speed sensor stainless steel housing

Material properties of stainless steel drawing

Manufacturing with stainless steel offers many of the benefits of steel without rusting and corrosion. The chemical composition of stainless steel includes at least 10.5% chromium, as well as iron, nickel and manganese. When exposed to air, the chromium in stainless steel oxidizes, forming a protective layer that is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion.…